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A run for your money

Today, i had a unique experience. The reason, simple, I got late for the train. Now what’s unique in that?? having been told ever since my early childhood days to reach the station an hour in advance etc etc, it surely was. Imagine having taken a nap (shouldn’t call it sleep) for just a couple of hours at night to wake up for an early morning train (Janashatabdi express, 6:20 am) from Howrah to Jamshedpur. Phew! there’s more to that. The cab was slated to arrive at 5:15 am, i mean that was when i booked it for. And having stayed in Kolkata for a couple of years, a “10-15 min delay is but obvious”. But to add to it, i got up late, my partner was all set but i was taking my own sweet time. Taking the point in quotes into consideration, I gave the cab service a call at 5:30 to take the cab driver’s number, expecting that probably he was trying to hunt down the house where i lived. Salt lake is pretty confusing place.

And there we were all set with the luggage on the road waiting for the cab when the moron finally showed up at 5:45. Having just half an hour to get inside the train,  i decided to cut the complaining and asked him to step on the gas which he did. As we raced towards Howrah station, there were freaking jams in M.G. Road, and then at the station where am entire queue of taxis was there in front of us  sluggishly moving towards the far extremity of the new station where our train was.

I had almost given up hopes of making it when a Messiah came to our rescue, the Coolie, the guy who belongs to the clan who I despise because of their extraordinary charges for moving pieces of luggage around. 140 bucks..we said lets go..he ran towards the platform, my partner up front, behind him the coolie carrying a large suitcase and a mid-sized carry bag which must’ve been close to 20 kilos and i, wearing a school bag and pulling a trolley.

an inside view of Howrah (the new station)We found our compartment after having crossed some 8-9 (22 meters each), got inside, paid the coolie 150 bucks and breathed a sigh of relief!


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